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Occupying nearly 30,000 square feet on the main street of Carson City, just a block north of the State Capitol building, the Carson Nugget has been witness to 60 years of Nevada history.

Built by Richard Graves in 1953, the casino was an instant success. “The Carson Nugget took right off,” Graves said when interviewed in 1978 for the University of Nevada’s Oral History Program. “It was very surprising to me because Carson was a sleepy little town: There wasn’t much business in town.”

Graves quickly helped establish what is now the oldest continuously operating casino in Carson City. The property grew and expanded under the ownership of brothers Hop and Howard Adams who bought the casino in the mid 1950s. The casino is now owned by the trust set up by Howard’s son, Alan Adams, and Hop’s wife, Mae Adams.

Both the Carson Nugget and the city it is named for have seen a lot of changes during the past 57 years. Today the full service property boasts slots, table games, poker, keno and bingo, two restaurants, two cafés, meeting space and an 81-room hotel. One thing however, has remained the same, the Nugget’s focus on serving the guest and their community.
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