The Original “Awful Awful” Burger is Still Here!

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Don’t Fear, The Original Famous “Awful Awful” Burger is Still Here!

 Served at the Carson Nugget Casino since opening day in 1954.


What: The Famous Awful Awful Burger

When: Daily from 6am – Close

Where: The All-American Eatery inside The Carson Nugget

The famous Awful Awful Burger was created by Dick Graves at the Carson Nugget on March 1, 1954. Dick Graves opened the Carson Nugget Casino and served the first Awful Awful Burger for only 55 cents on the opening day of the Carson Nugget.  He named the famous burger after a friend told him the burger he created was “Awful Big and Awful Good”.   The burger was the first double cheeseburger created in Nevada. To put the timeline in perspective, the Awful Awful was created 13 years before McDonalds introduced the “Big Mac”.


The Awful Awful consists of two all-beef patties served with four slices of cheese and served with seasoned French Fries. Graves later opened casinos in Reno and began to serve the famous burger there too.


New Super Awful Awful

Bring your appetite and try the new Super Awful Awful is made with two 1/2 pound all-beef patties. That’s an entire pound of beef on one burger!


Today there are 3 dining options inside the Carson Nugget Casino; Angelina’s Italian Steakhouse, Alatte Coffee, Wine & Deli, and The All American Eatery. The Awful Awful Burger is still available on the All American Eatery menu, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and now also features the new, Super Awful Awful Burger.


This year, The Carson Nugget is celebrating it’s 66th Anniversary and will continue serving The Famous Awful Awful Burger!


Now, with the closure of the Reno Nugget, the Carson Nugget will be the only Nugget Casino serving a version of the Awful Awful Burger at The All-American Eatery.


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